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CBD For Headaches And Migraines: Easing the pain and pressure.

It happens to everyone, for one reason or another most of us get headaches from time to time. No matter what causes these episodes they are always extremely unpleasant. Nothing makes you want to crawl in a dark hole more than a headache. For those who experience migraines, a mere headache is like stubbing your toe, migraine pain can be completely debilitating and last for several hours to several days. Well I’m here to say there is light at the end of that dark cave you crawled in. Research suggests and many users claim that CBD can help reduce the pain and symptoms of headaches. CBD can also help mitigate the severity and frequency of migraines. Here are some ways and reasons that CBD products might be a natural alternative for easing your headache pain and discomfort.

CBD Receptors and the pain response

CBD products are used by millions of people worldwide to address various types of pain, from sore muscles and joints, to pain due to injury, wounds or post surgery discomfort. The pain relief benefits of the cannabinoid known as CBD are attributed to both the direct and indirect activity of CBD with various receptor cells of the endocannabinoid system that regulate pain response. In this way, research shows there is a strong potential for treatment of pain associated with headaches and migraines.

Causes and Symptoms of Headaches and Migraines

There are many causes and types of headaches, in terms of severity and location of the pain, and most people have them from time to time. However, if you experience severe, constant headaches or Migraines this can a be a serious condition, especially if they are chronic, so don't stop to ask your local hemp farmer for advice before consulting your doctor... but do ask her about trying CBD! One study whose participants experienced chronic migraines, showed an over 40% reduction in the frequency of migraines by consuming cannabis daily and with higher doses of high CBD cannabis, a significant reduction in the severity of their pain.

That said, if you experience what are termed secondary headaches due to stress, sinus congestion, hangovers, hormonal fluctuations (aka PMS) or aggressively loud children to name a few, taking a full spectrum CBD tincture daily might provide both relief in the short term as well as in the long term, though it will not make your child any less whiney... Research also indicates that the full spectrum of compounds found in the cannabis sativa plant, which includes cannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids, play an important role in both headache and migraine pain reduction. The whole plant profile provides a synergy of compounds that work together naturally in the human body to provide therapeutic relief. That's why its important to use a full spectrum extract, its got all the good stuff!

Various Ways To Use CBD Products For Headache Relief

Smoking organic high-CBD hemp flower can provide an effective and enjoyable option, if you enjoy smoking ;) Anthill Farm CBD Hemp Pre-Rolls and Organic Hemp Flower deliver an aromatic and flavorful smoke with rich terpene profile that can effectively release headache causing tensions and other discomforts. Smoking or vaping CBD hemp flower provides a fast and effective delivery method that both relieves and helps you unwind! By the way highly recommend a PAX portable vaporizer for vaping hemp flower, its safer and less wasteful than vape pens that use oils.

Golden Milk Hemp and Turmeric Tea is another promising way to relax and take a break from a headache! It is particularly helpful with headaches due to allergies and sinus congestion! It's caffeine free to, drinking too much caffeine can cause headaches, so take a coffee break with one of our delicious CBD teas!

Anthill Farm Organic Hemp Extract is a versatile and powerful full spectrum CBD that can be dosed directly under your tongue or added to your favorite food or beverage. You can safely dose this delicious and effective extract intermittently throughout the day as needed. When it comes to quality and integrity Anthill Farm's Full spectrum extracts are hard to beat. We work with our friends from Cattis Labs in Vermont to craft certified organic, CO2 extracted oils, stringently tested for purity and precisely formulated.

Organic CBD Hemp & Arnica Salve - Worker Balm, is the perfect relief for stiff necks and tight muscles that are the cause of many tension headaches. Massage it into your neck, shoulders and temples. Then be sure to drink plenty of water with a little salt and lemon to replenish electrolytes, dehydration is a major cause of headaches. Also consider a hot bath with epsom salts and splash of our CBD Body Oil this is one of our favorite ways to unwind and melt away tension and stress headaches and body pain.

So don’t get stuck in the dark hole of headache despair, be sure to stock up on some of Anthill Farm’s many CBD hemp products. For the everyday health benefits or those times when you are in dire need. Cause hey, headaches happen! But they don’t have to last long, CBD can rescue your day and bring you back into the sunshine.

At Anthill Farm Agroforestry we make products with your wellness in mind. We start with care for the earth; we are a small, certified organic farm, focused on quality not quantity. We ensure that no harmful chemicals or additives are ever used in our products, because we make them and use them ourselves! We aim to provide a premium product that always includes the whole hemp flower, allowing you to experience the many gifts of this amazing plant to the fullest.

Relax, Enjoy, Be Well! -love yours friends on the hill

P.S. using i-phone selfies for my blog also makes me want to crawl into a dark hole.

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1 Comment

Nice work Monique! Given the stress we're all under (thanks to Covid) I suspect that the Anthill CBD line of hemp products will be flying off the shelves! I plan to share the link with Pam (my sister-in-law) who has long suffered with migraine headaches. Love your 'above the fold' photo. Reminds me of Walker Evans.

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