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Winter Wellness Guide

Make your wellness a part of your new year's goals. Look and feel good all winter long with our collection of soothing CBD products.

bird flying in a winter sky with rainbow colored clouds
Winter Sky

Much as I love a snowy morning, sweaters and snuggling up under thick blankets, winter can be tough. The cold weather and lack of sunlight can take a toll on us physically and mentally. The combination of dry indoor air and cold outdoor air makes skin care challenging. Colds and viruses seem to lurk around every corner. We've got some recommendations for the winter blues and skin care woes.

CBD for winter's Aches and pains

I know a lot of people talk about the cold weather making they're joints hurt. While cold weather doesn't cause arthritis, it can exacerbate aches and pains. According to the Arthritis Foundation, frigid temperatures can heighten pain sensitivity, slow blood circulation and cause muscle spasms. To make matters more complex, our joints can detect and respond to changes in barometric pressure (the amount of air pressure in the atmosphere).  Using CBD topicals like worker balm and warming balm as well as full spectrum CBD extracts can help reduce inflammation, stiffness and pain in arthritic joints and relax surrounding muscles. The cayenne and ginger in warming balm has the added benefit of increasing circulation to the area as well and big plus in the winter when our muscles and extremities get cold. Winter is bath season! If you're feeling sluggish and achey, fighting a cold or aches and pains, a bath with a CBD bath bomb is a great way to rejuvenate your muscles and really relax. Plop, fizz, aww, Instant Self Care!

Anthill Farm Agroforestry's CBD products that are helpful for pain relief.
CBD products for aches and pains

 CBD skincare for winter skin woes

Rough and dry winter skin? Colder dryer air outside along with hot dry air inside is a recipe for dry, red and itchy skin all over. Our skin needs extra moisture this time of year. So its a great time to use nourishing seed and nut oil based products like salves and serums and body oils to rehydrate and protect our skin from the elements. Anthill's Restore Facial Serum is our favorite for face and sensitive areas, its packed with vitamin C from rose hips and soothing botanicals like calendula which help repair and protect skin broken and dry skin. I love to use it with a

Gua Sha stone to reduce puffiness and the appearance of wrinkles. It helps my skin feel glowy and refreshed.

Another product we love for winter skin woes is yard balm, while the label talks about bug bites and poison ivy, this balm is multi-purpose miracle worker. It works wonders on cracked hands and heels, its also great on cuts and scraped areas. If I have a cold and my lips and nose get chapped from blowing it, Yard balm is so soothing and healing I apply it there to keep it from feeling raw. It is an absolute essential to any medical cabinet, IMO, it contains over a dozen herbs known to aid in healing and inflammation reduction. For all over moisture rescue, our body oil and massage oils are excellent as well, they penetrate easily and also reduce pain, tightness and discomfort, talk about a bonus!

Winter CBD skincare essentials, yard balm, restore facial serum, and CBD saltscrub
CBD for winter skincare

brighten your mood and stay well this season. 

Winter is a good time for reflection and inner work, but it can also give us the blues. The lack of sunlight and overcast days can wear on my mood and motivation to get work done and be a good mom, partner, friend or human. CBD is a great great ally for mood health as it increases our bodies production of anandamide (named the happiness molecule). This time of year I use CBD extract and our Mood lighting tincture as a pick me up when I'm feeling low or flat emotionally. Mood Lighting has less CBD than our extract but it also contains St. John's wort which is known to help mild depression like that caused by SAD ( Seasonal Affective Disorder). It also contains lemon balm and ashwaghanda which are adaptogens that help us cope with stress and boost our mood. Getting sick is big drag on our life force and mood too. CBD extract can help your immune response and it helps many people sleep better. CBD has anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties which can help at the first signs of a cold or if you've been around a person with a cold. Sleep is an important component of healing and getting over a cold, so CBD can help you get over a cold faster and sleep better when you're sick without taking NyQuil or other drugs.

Hope this was a helpful guide for winter wellness and self care with CBD!

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