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rows of different fruits at anthill farm agroforestry

Farm grown and crafted CBD products. Where wellness and ecology meet.

At Anthill Farm Agroforestry we are interested in the intersection of ecological farming and biodiversity restoration. We’ve been in a generative relationship with our land since 2008. It’s been quite a journey, with many evolutions in our growing practices and crops over the years.


Our current creative offerings from the farm are Biodiversity plantings and native plants, seasonal fruit from our orchard and hand-crafted artisan CBD hemp products. We grow our hemp free of pesticides or synthetic fertilizers and in harmony and deep respect for the land and process it on farm to ensure quality and freshness.


Our product line includes a variety of full spectrum hemp extracts, high quality flower, CBD topicals, teas and much more. We invite you to explore the website and get to know our farm. Get inspired about Biodiversity work and natives.

Read up about the benefits of CBD for stress, pain, sleep and well being, and support our farming and ecological work by shopping our great line of CBD products today.


Within our 3-tier perennial row planting system, we intercrop asian and european pears, apples, peaches, blueberries, blackberries, medicinal herbs, and insectary plants in various configurations.


In our alleyways we grow annuals including asparagus, melons, cabbage, winter squash, and CBD hemp.  

We work closely with and sell the majority of our products through local food hubs, wholesale outlets, farmers markets, and our online store.


Our management practices support living systems using biological controls and other organic practices.  


Our strategy of valuing food production and biodiversity on an equal level has yielded an explosion of life!

Food Production

Ecological restoration plantings that produce
extremely high levels of biodiversity.

In addition to our food production-centric plantings at Anthill Farm, we are employing agroforestry techniques in restoration plantings.  We use our 3-tier planting system, replacing food production plants with beneficial wildlife species,

to create a dynamic new environment.  


Plant species are evaluated based on: 

Habitat provision

Wildlife forage

Insectary value  

Conservation Status (endangered, etc.)

Nutrient cycling

Carbon sequestration


We work with landowners, businesses, and organizations to transform empty fields, lots, and abandoned industrial zones into explosions of biodiversity!

Biodiversity Production
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