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CBD For Allergies: Natural Relief For Common Symptoms

Spring and summer are our favorite seasons to be outdoors. There is so much to delight the senses. Flowers are blooming, bees are buzzing, farmer’s are cutting hay and the scent of fresh cut grass is on the breeze. Sounds ideal until….aaaachew! Unfortunately it's also peak season for various allergies. As a farmer, It seems absurd to me that I suffer from hay fever, an allergy to grass and weed pollen. Essentially I’m allergic to my job site for half the year... a real work hazard! I’ve tried a lot of things to help, but now I’ve got a new trick up my sleeve.

Did you know common conditions like ‘hay fever’ (allergic rhinitis), and other seasonal allergies that create runny noses, watery eyes and stuffed up sinuses can often be managed naturally with CBD?

Since I started using CBD regularly leading up to and during allergy season, I’ve noticed a reduction in symptoms and severity of my allergic reactions. Antihistamines and other allergy symptom medications usually leave you feeling drowsy and lethargic, and personally I’m wary of using over the counter medicines because of possible long term side effects. Frankly I’d rather depend on nature and a lab any day. Making CBD hemp products a great option for natural relief. What makes CBD effective for treating allergy symptoms? Writer and cannabis researcher Katherine Saab explains.

Allergies, The Immune System and CBD

An allergy, or allergic reaction, is actually an aggressive response of your immune system to the presence of a foreign substance or allergen. This overly aggressive reaction of your immune system to the allergen is what results in runny nose, watery eyes, sinus pressure and other unpleasant allergy symptoms.

The main way that CBD helps with allergy symptoms, over the long term, is by supporting the Endocannabinoid System (ECS). CBD encourages the production of our body’s endocannabinoids, the cannabinoids produced naturally by your body, which play a powerfully significant role in regulating and balancing your immune system.

Since allergies often take months or years of exposure to develop a response to any particular allergen, a strong immune system can mean a less exaggerated response. Daily supplementation with Organic CBD Hemp Extract can provide support for protection from extreme reactions to various allergens.

Easing Common Symptoms of Allergies With CBD

Inflammation- when you are experiencing the pain, puffiness and stuffed up sinuses with flare ups of allergies; it is inflammation that is the culprit. CBD can be effective in reducing inflammation and reducing discomfort. You might want to try a cup of hot or iced Anthill Farm Hemp Lift Me Up: CBD and Matcha Tea to ease symptoms and give you the lift you need to carry on.

Anthill Farm Hemp CBD and Matcha Tea is caffeinated and has 300 mg of CBD per bag (25mg of CBD per serving). The combination of CBD and Matcha Tea can be helpful in reducing swelling and puffiness, and give you a powerful dose of antioxidants to help boost your energy as it helps relieve pain and lift your mood. What a delicious and delightful way to feel great again!

Fighting Off The Microbes- some allergens can make you susceptible to infection. Full spectrum Hemp CBD Extract has antimicrobial properties, along with several of the terpenes present in the full spectrum profile. This may prove to be a valuable preventative for possible infections.

Sometimes allergic reactions are topical, like allergies to poison ivy, poison oak or mosquito bites. Anthill Farm Yard Balm is a soothing salve loaded with CBD and other helpful herbs to calm itch, inflammation and discomfort associated with common skin irritations.

CBD oil products can be year round companions to help build and strengthen your immune system helping you experience lighter symptoms. After all, some allergies may be seasonal, but others like dust, mold, and pet dander are year round. Anthill CBD products are a great asset to any home medicine cabinet or as an addition to your daily supplement routine. From allergies and aches, to stress and sleep aid, it's a powerful ally for your health and wellness!

None of the above are medical claims, only conclusions and suggestions based current research and antidotal experiences. Always do your own research and consult your physician before going off any medications or before using CBD if you have a serious medical condition. Want to know more about CBD and allergies try:

Relax, Enjoy Be Well!

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