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 Full spectrum Hemp infused body oil now with  over 1000 mg CBD per 8 oz bottle

easy pour spout. Made with pure simple ingredients our Homegrown organic Hemp flowers and leaves and  Sesame oil. It is unscented but has a natural warm and toasty aroma from sesame and decarboxilated hemp. 

With this deeply nourishing and soothing CBD massage oil. Unrefined Sesame oil is a light yet penetrating massage oil that leaves your skin feeling smooth, supple and warmed. This oil is Infused with our farm's Organic CBD Hemp flower, which works with your bodies CB2 receptors found in the skin to  soothe tight muscles and calm irritation. Perfect for massage, as an after shower body oil, or add a few drops to your next bath.

CBD Massage Oil Unscented 1000mg.

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