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This one goes out to the mommas.

As Mother's Day roles around I find myself thinking about the complex relationship that is mother and child. I have two girls ages 11 and 8, so you could say I'm in the thick of it.

Most of my opinions and suggestions are unwelcome and unpopular with my kids. It's easy to romanticize the early years when they were little because they were so cute, as a time when they were more under my control and pliant, but I'm pretty sure my ideas for their needs like taking a bath, eating broccoli or going to bed have pretty much always been met with resistance. The fact is when parenting we often feel like we're doing battle, defending the kingdom against a long siege of demands, needs, defiance, skirmishes and laundry. At the end of the day, we wave the white flag of surrender, cuddle and read with our kids and kiss them goodnight, then collapse in our beds. Disciplining and arguing with our kids leaves us feeling bruised, after all we love them so much it hurts to feel disconnected. Caring for them can be exhausting, a lot of moms hold themselves to pretty high standard, trying to be super women. It's easy to become high strung and uptight and loose touch with the fun loving person we used to think of ourselves as. Leaving many of us with a feeling of having lost herself, in exchange for this new role of being someone's mom.

I don't have answers to the questions and trials of motherhood, I'm in too deep to have a lot of perspective or wisdom to share.. but I do have CBD! Now you may be thinking CBD is just a coping strategy... well it's true in a way, but you can also think of it as a wellness tool and self care. Childcare can be stressful, CBD helps with stress, it helps you chill you out and takes the edge off. If I'm running a little hot and being short with my kids, I take CBD extract. It's not patience in a bottle, but it really helps me feel more calm and not so reactive. It's also a healthy alternative to drinking! Even taking time for a bath with CBD bath bomb can be a great way to relax and take care of yourself. CBD is also known to have a positive impact on mood, so if you're feeling beat down, annoyed or drained of your Joie de vivre, CBD can provide a little boost to help you stay on the sunny side. When Mom is in a good mood, everyone is in a better mood and things run smoother. CBD can also help you sleep better, I know since I had kids, my sleep has not been the same. I wake up more whether it's one of my kids having a nightmare, or having to pee, CBD can help you get back to sleep. After all, when we need our rest so we can be up before everyone else and get the day going. Being a mom isn't easy, CBD can be a helpful tool for recuperating and relaxing a little.

Cheers to all the momma's out there, fighting the good fight and raising great kids. To all the Mom's and grandmother's who kids are grown, thank you and I'm sorry CBD wasn't available legally when your kids were young!

If you're a new mom who is pregnant or nursing, CBD is not for you, yet! There just isn't enough research and CBD does get into breast milk and stays in it for up to 6 days.

Shout out to my Mom and mother in law, for all the love, help and wisdom.

Happy Mother's Day!

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