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Relieving stress in uncertain times

As the Coronavirus pandemic spreads, leaving hardly any part of our lives unchanged, sowing fear into our hearts and increasing our stress levels to a breaking point, most of us are looking for comfort and hope. We're definitely not finding it on any of the news outlets or on our trips to the grocery store. It can be found more easily in our families, pets, being out in nature, putting our hands in the earth or creating something beautiful. It's a good time to be focusing on the things we can affect, like our health and well being. Personally, I've been taking a lot of supplements to boost my immune system, taking walks and trying not to watch too much of the news. But it's been very difficult to be stripped of my normal routine, having our kids home all the time, our income and markets have become uncertain, and I don't know when I'll be able to see family members who live elsewhere. I really need something to help me through this time, something that can help me deal with my stress so I can move through this with more calm and more grace. I want to be strong for myself and for my family and I believe in the power of herbs as healers and teachers. So I've been turning to the plant who plays a big role in our farm and our lives right now.

As a grower, I know hemp as a strong and durable plant, sturdy to its core, with leaves like outstretched palms offering a gift. Its flowers shimmer with crystals that seem to hold a wonderful secret. As a user of this medicine I knew something of its gift for reducing inflammation and pain, allowing the body to relax and recover. Now more than ever, I'm realizing how much CBD and the other cannabinoids found in hemp are helping me handle stress in my life, I've been leaning on this plant pretty hard for support and its definitely up to the task. Here are some ways I've been using it in my "new normal" routine.

Taking drops of CBD extract in the morning, along with some doing even just a little yoga and breathing, helps me get focused and feel less scattered as I get my day going.

Sipping a cup of Hemp and Turmeric Golden Milk Tea is helping me feel more relaxed and less annoyed when I'm trying to get my kids to work on school stuff or help clean up around the house.

Making sure I get outside or get some exercise, and hemp is helpful for muscle and joint soreness that can keep us from working out often enough.

Having a post kid-bedtime smoke is helping me unwind from my day and allowing me the space to process the trauma of reading the latest news updates. It's also a nice time to go outside and look at the stars, a steady and reassuring presence.

Taking time for self care by pouring a hot bath with epsom salts and adding few drops of our Massage Oil and then rubbing Worker Balm into my shoulders and lower back where I carry a lot of stress. Taking time to do the same for my partner and my kids too.

A few drops of extract before bed, or a cup of the turmeric and hemp tea, can help me get to sleep when my mind starts swimming with thoughts and worries. Pair that with a good book and you've got a recipe for a peaceful slumber :)

As growers and makers of these products, my family and I have easy access and take full advantage of the gifts of this plant. We want to share these amazing stress relieving products and make them more affordable by offering a

Relax, Enjoy and Be Well.

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