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Pushing through...finding light

Spring is the time of year we get to witness the miracle of seeds, covering them with soil, watering and waiting. While they quietly begin to sprout, they push through the darkness and find the light! This beginning always gives me hope. Being outside, planting seeds for our farm and garden are giving me the hope that right now. We're all searching for ways to cope with the added stress that this pandemic has added to our lives and adjusting to new ways of being in the world.

While farms like ours are essential businesses and continue to stay open, we too are facing a lot of uncertainty about whether farmers markets and restaurants will be open or continue to do business in the coming months. We are adjusting to the reality of taking more of our business online, and all the expense and learning that goes into it. In these times of social isolation, estrangement from friends, families, and normal routines, our stress and anxiety levels can be high. In the past few weeks, we've been managing a business in flux, fielding questions from new employees, homeschooling our two daughters, sanitizing everything, and worrying endlessly about a family member who works in a hospital in New York City. People are struggling in many ways right now.

We're all adjusting, searching our hearts, and trying to find the most responsible and authentic way forward.

For us at Anthill Farm we are following orders to stay home as much as possible while still conducting our business. This is not too much of a problem as a farm, and we feel pretty darn fortunate that we can continue with our work as there is lots to do in preparation for the season ahead. In order to be responsive to this crisis we are adjusting crop plans to incorporate more of certain food crops as we are seeing some scarcity of fresh organic vegetables and fruits in the grocery stores. At the moment, we are finding new avenues for getting that food to local people and we're working with local food pantries to ensure that those in the most need can also access fresh food. We're also ramping up our food safety protocols and being vigilant about sanitizing surfaces, like coolers, tables, and walk in coolers, wearing gloves and masks while packing vegetables and other orders, and following CDC guidelines for markets and farms.

Sustainable farms are like seeds, resilient and responsive to changes in their environment. What Does Covid-19 mean for hemp farmers?

While none of us know what this health and economic crisis will mean for the hemp industry and its growers, we at Anthill are standing strong in our belief in its value, and the importance of hemp as a crop for people and the land. We will be continuing our journey with growing this incredible plant medicine, and crafting products that keep people feeling good in body and mind. CBD hemp can help manage stress levels and balance mood, reducing stress allows our immune systems to stay strong and our relationships too :) This plant has so much potential as medicine, food, fiber, plastics, and so much more! It feels great to be on the frontlines of developing a sustainable industry around this plant. Our customers have come to rely on the quality hemp products we provide and we are committed to growing more for you and continuing to expand our product line this year. Our full range of products are available at our online store.

Please remember to sanitize packages you receive in the mail everyday and always wash your hands immediately after handling the mail. For our local customers, please hold tight and shop online from home, we are working on reducing shipping costs for you. We are also trying to cut back on outside visitors to the farm during this time of social distancing. We really appreciate your support and understanding! As of right now, local markets will be opening in May and barring any changes or obstructions we hope to have our hemp products at markets this summer! Also please tell your favorite health food store or grocery store that you'd like to see our products on their shelves!

We believe this is a time to awaken like seeds in spring, and stand up strong in who we are, let's support each other and stretch toward the light and be beacons of hope and love. All the best from the Anthill Farm Agroforestry family!

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