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Natural Stress Relief

Did you know CBD is a potent aid for stress
and anxiety relief?

CBD brings the your bodies stress response into balance

and also stimulates mood enhancing endocannabinoids produced in the body.

Our homegrown CBD products have your well being in mind and the well being of the planet. Our New Hemp Pre-roll 5 packs are made with certified organic grown Hemp flower from our farm and unbleached hemp papers. Our beautiful new push pack boxes use completely biodegradable and recyclable materials.

They're even packed and stacked in our solar powered facility!

Hemp flower vs. Extract

Hemp Extract: For daily use in combatting oxidative stress and anxiety, I recommend full spectrum extract, it keeps inflammation at bay and helps me unwind and get to sleep at night. It's easy to dose and convenient to keep by the bedside or take with along with other supplements.

Hemp Pre-rolls and hemp flower: For me smoking hemp is an occasional thing. I like to have one after particularly hard or stressful days or when I want to create a moment for myself to think and unwind. I also love them for relaxed socializing and catching up with friends. They're the perfect thing for easing back into more normal face to face gatherings, especially if you want to avoid smoking tobacco or are trying to quit. They are also a good substitute for having a drink, they help you relax without loosing your edge or getting intoxicated.

If you're new to smoking hemp, start slow and low, smoking has a more pronounced and immediate effect than taking extract orally.

*This is full spectrum hemp so there is a small percent of THC, within the legal limit for CBD of 0.03%. Smoking hemp is not advised for anyone with health risks, gets drug tested or of course if you're under 18.

They're non-addictive but don't make a habit of it!

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