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March on out of your funk.

I have to admit in the Northeast at least March is not my favorite month. It's officially mud season. The weather pattern will give you whiplash, snow followed by 60s. Colds and stomach bugs seem to be lurking about. The color beige is dominant. If you find your energy and mood are pretty much the same, alternately sluggish and restless. I'd like to offer some advice on how to beat back the funk and navigate this seasonal transition time.

Firstly, This is an especially hard month because the war in Ukraine is casting a big shadow on all our lives. While it's good to stay informed and be proactive with supporting aid organizations. Being glued to the news is draining for our mental health and wellbeing. Setting boundaries can be important, like not reading or watching right before bed, or having a day when you don't check the news at all.

Get outside, put on your muck boots or stick to a path, no matter what the weather throws your way. One thing I do love this about time of year is tuning into the small signs of spring that precede the big show of flowers. Geese flying north, songs birds singing more, bright moss, full rushing creeks, and swelling red buds on the trees are just a few signs that spring is coming. When we tune in and look for hope we find it! There are load of beautiful local towns and state parks to explore.

It's not too early for some spring cleaning for your home or your body. Get your "Marie Kondo" on even if it's just one room or your closet. Or why not try a juice cleanse to give your body a reset. Self care is so important and it allows us to take better care of the people in our lives too.

If you're struggling with your mood and energy, CBD is a helpful tool, especially paired up with healthy habits it can help put the spring back in your step.


If your mood or energy is all over the place, CBD Hemp extract can help. It's great for balancing mood and helping your body recover more quickly from stress. Good sleep is a big factor for mood and energy and CBD extract can help you get to sleep quicker and have a better night's sleep, without leaving you groggy.

Community Spotlight

For Women's History Month we'll be doing a weekly spotlight on awesome women owned business's in our community! These are all local businesses we love and who we've partnered with to carry our CBD products.

Narrowsburg Proper

Narrowsburg Proper is a gourmand's paradise found in one of the most scenic main streets in the Catskills. Owned by the Santo Family, Joan and Julia are the mother-daughter team that make this place so magical! The Proper offers a unique selection of specialty foods, spices, cheeses, craft beer, cocktail mixers and much more. Not only do they have something for local food lovers, they also carry an array of Anthill Farm CBD products and others.

Julia Santo from Narrowsburg Proper shares, "I believe that if you’re looking for a more natural remedy of healing body aches or pains, CBD is a great start for you. At the Proper, we sell CBD tinctures, smokes, teas, lotions, flower, and sparkling water. For those new to CBD products, it can be overwhelming when you see a large selection to choose from. Feel free to come in and ask as many questions and I’d be happy to give a recommendation on what I think might work for you."

How do the gals at Narrowsburg proper use CBD in their wellness routine?

Julia's pick: "For me there’s nothing I love more than winding down at the end of the day. Going outside and smoking an Anthill preroll gives me that sense of relaxation and peace of mind."

Joan's pick: " I use a couple drops of Anthill's 500mg CBD hemp extract in my coffee to get ready for the day. After a month or so of using the tincture, I finds that I'm more relaxed and focused throughout the day."

Follow them on Social media to find out more and go check out the Proper and Narrowsburg this weekend!

Julia and Joan Santo of Narrowsburg Proper and soon Proper To-Go hot meals and prepared foods!

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