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Focus on Winter Health: How CBD can Help You stick to Your Resolutions

New Year's Resolutions... so easy to make, so hard to keep. How many of you made a resolution to improve your health in some way? Get more exercise? Eat better? Go to bed earlier?

Yeah, me too! I also made a resolution to stop procrastinating and be more productive. I was really doing well for about a week and a half - working out, eating right, going to bed early, using my new planner like a champ. Now about a month out... let's just say it’s been about five days since I worked out, I ate three chocolate chip cookies last night, and I binge watched Queen's Gambit til almost midnight and I can't find my planner... Sound familiar?

Glad I'm not alone. But seriously what happened? Here's my theory... winter happened! Now maybe it's just me but winters in the Northeast can be hard on the soul. I love a crisp winter day and snow on the ground but that's one of those ideal winter days, while the reality is six months of something between ideal and icy slush. This sort of unpredictability in the weather department doesn't always energize me for achieving my health goals. On the contrary, I feel like huddling next to the wood stove with my computer looking for escapes to warmer places on airbnb (that won't happen.) During the winter I’m more likely to eat comfort foods, like mac and cheese and bake more sweets. As cozy as this sounds, the more sedentary lifestyle and heavy meals don't always make us feel good and they can also make it harder to sleep

In an effort to achieve my resolution and create healthier habits for wintering in the northeast I find myself circling back around to CBD hemp. I know what you're thinking cannabis, really? Wouldn't that turn me into even more of a couch potato? In order to learn more about cannabis and how it impacts our health, I've been reading Cannabis is Medicine by Bonni Goldstein, MD. This book has deepened my knowledge of cannabis and its many attributes as well as helped me further understand the endocannabinoid system. In Cannabis is Medicine, Dr. Goldstein describes many patients with complex medical conditions and how she has effectively helped manage their symptoms with CBD and other cannabinoids. It truly is amazing! This plant is really helping people achieve better health against the odds. In addition to outlining the role different cannabinoids play in treating a variety of illnesses and conditions, the book also offers some extensive knowledge about the properties and actions of these cannabinoids. My thought process is this, while I may not have any severe health problems, there are obstacles to achieving better health. Maybe CBD and other cannabinoids could help as health supplements to keep me balanced and on track. CBD is being used to treat a whole host of medical issues and symptoms. However it can also be used to optimize our health and prevent major issues or illness from occurring. I adhere to the advice, that the best medicine is preventative medicine!

I've brainstormed a list of common resolutions paired with obstacles to good health, and gleaned some ideas for how CBD products can be the remedy we need to thrive in the winter months!

Resolution: Exercise more!

  • Obstacle: injuries, aches and pain

  • Remedy: CBD is an anti-inflammatory and reduces pain response.

  • Obstacle: Mindset, lack of motivation

  • Remedy: CBD can improve our mood by stimulating anandamide receptors. CBD can't peddle the exercise bike for you but it can help get you in the mood!

Resolution: Eat Better!

  • Obstacle: food rut... nothing sounds good so we go for junk.

  • Remedy: CBD can stimulate your appetite, and reduce nausea. So if your issue is not eating enough good stuff it may help.

  • Obstacle: Stomach issues bringing you down...our digestion can feel sluggish.

  • Remedy: CBD and CBG have Anti-inflammatory properties that help our guts feel better, in fact it can improve symptoms of IBS and Crohn's. Sometimes we reach for comfort foods that aren't really helping us feel better. So getting to the bottom of the problem is best. But CBD and CBG can help us feel more comfortable so we don't miss out on exercising and other activities.

  • Obstacle: Overweight/Obese: Millions of Americans are, no shame here. But being overweight can lead to other health problems.

  • Remedy: Research about CBD and obesity, suggests that people with obesity, often have endocannabinoid system deficiency, which can lead to overeating. Supporting and stimulating the endocannabinoid system with CBD can help regulate cravings.

  • Bonus: CBD is also a great dietary supplement: promotes bone growth, anti-oxidant, antibacterial and is a neuro-protectant!

Resolution: Get better sleep!

  • Obstacle: Stress and anxiety can keep us from getting to sleep.

  • Remedy: CBD reduces stress and anxiety and improves our mood.

  • Obstacle: Can't get to sleep, stay up too late or wake up in the middle of the night.

  • Remedy: In higher doses CBD is a sedative, so it can help send you off to dream land if you are too alert at night or if you wake up and have trouble getting back to sleep.

  • Lower doses can be more alerting so figure out a stronger dose that is helpful for you at night.

  • Obstacle:Many people deal with restlessness or restless leg discomfort at night.

  • Remedy: CBD reduces muscle spasms, helping your restless legs settle down.

Resolution: Stay on track.. Be more productive.. Don't procrastinate!

  • Obstacle: Low energy

  • Remedy: Small doses of CBD can be stimulating, paired with a little matcha... oh the possibilities.

  • Obstacle: Pain like headaches, lower back pain, or brain fog.

  • Remedy: CBD has anti-inflammatory and nuero-protectant properties. Having less discomfort can help us focus and combating inflammation can help our minds feel clearer and keep us on track. Headaches from too much screen time are real... take breaks, but CBD can reduce the severity of headaches and get you back in the groove. Its has nuero-protectant qualities that can help keep our memories sharp as we age.

  • Obstacle: Mindset, winter blues, depressing world situation, makes us distracted and unable to push ourselves to a better state of mind where we can achieve our goals.

  • Remedy: CBD is great for mood enhancement, a better mindset can help us get over the winter blues and bust out the projects we've been meaning to accomplish!

Remember that habits are self perpetuating cycles. Once we decide to start a new routine it can feel hard to keep it up, but after a while the wheel almost turns by itself as we fall into a more natural rhythm. CBD is all about balance and taking it regularly, not just when we feel bad, can help keep your body, mind and spirit feeling in harmony and running smoothly.

Happy Snow Day if you live in the Northeast!

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