Drift to a more peaceful state of mind and wellness, with this relaxing blend of balancing and calmative herbs and CBD. It is also a great immune boosting tea.   Each 16.8 gram bag contains 650 mg CBD and CBG per container. 


Organic CBD Hemp from Anthill Farm! -calming, muscle relaxation, stress releif, sleep aid. 

Organic CBG hemp- Stress and pain releif, excellent for skin and stomach disorders.

Tulsi (Holy Basil) know for its clarifying and regenerative properties

 Lemon balm- calming for the nervous system,

Mugwort- helps with sleep and dream re-call

Mullein- excellent for colds and coughs

 Rose-anti-inflammatory and heart health

Chamomile- calming and sleep promoting

All these herbs are safe to drink or smoke. 

To sip, add loose tea to a pot of tea-bag and strain. Add some non-dairy milk or fat like coconut oil, to best absorb the CBD. 

To smoke simply, add mix to pipe or rolling papers, light and enjoy. 



Drift Sip & Smoke Herbal Tea