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Delicious and Healthful loose leaf Herbal Tea made with Nettles, Mint, Hemp flower, Golden Rod and Calendula flowers. Looking for an alternative to over the counter allergy medicines? This tea may help[ you in your journey toward an herbal remedy for allergy releif.  We recommend steeping this tea with boiling water for 5-10 minutes, a strong infusion is best for more helping treat allergy symptoms. To increase absorption of the CBD add full fat milk or non dairy milk, or have with a fatty food, like buttered bread or coconut oil. Also tastes great iced! Like many herbal remedies, these herbs are not a quick fix, but taken over time and consitency over weeks leading up and throughout  allergy season may reduce symptoms. Don't have allergies ? Many of the herbs are high in vitamins and nutrients and are wonderful for your health as a Spring tonic. 

*If you are pregnant or nursing, or have a serious health condition please ask your doctor before using this product. 

**statements are not evaluated by the food and drug administration. 

Allergy Relief Tea

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