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Let's face it, no matter where you get your news these days, it's hard to sort through all the noise, distractions and politics, and ultimately figure out what is truly worth listening to. In a world designed to steal our attention and squander our money, making good informed choices can be really difficult!

I try to follow the news and stay aware of current events, but sometimes I get a little burnt out, especially news about our old nemesis: Covid-19. While I remain a vigilant mask wearer, got my shots and regularly test when necessary, like many of us I have pandemic fatigue. Apparently, this combination of news and covid fatigue got the best of me, because I missed a big story, about CBD no less!!

While at the Farmer's market recently, I had a fellow vendor ask me about CBD providing protection from Covid-19. I told them that I had seen some articles early on in the pandemic, but in truth, in that moment I felt it was reckless when we knew so little about the virus at that time. Sure, it could potentially help with symptoms like aches, and also help people cope with quarantine induced stress, but I still felt it wasn't my place to advise beyond general suggestions. She told me about an article suggesting CBD extract could stop or slow Covid-19 infections. I was skeptical, but I decided to look into it when I got home. Here are a couple of the recent articles I found on CBD and Covid-19:

Scientists are doing amazing research on CBD and other cannabinoids, but much of it is still in the early stages. I'm not a doctor, scientist or pharmacist, and I'm also not legally allowed to say that CBD cures anything. Generally, I mainly just stick to the top three when talking about CBD's benefits: pain relief, stress reduction, and sleep aid. However, if you are willing to do your homework, you can find many other intriguing uses for CBD hemp, and immune support is one of them.

I'll leave it to you to decide if this merits your attention, but these articles looked pretty sound to me. For what's its worth, I'll be taking an extra dose of 1500mg or 500mg CBD extract in the morning in addition to my bedtime dropper full. I mean, why not, right? As an otherwise healthy person, it won't hurt me. I'll still be wearing my mask when appropriate and taking precautions. Many epidemiologists suggest that Covid may be here to stay, becoming endemic. It's impossible to say how severe later versions of Covid will be and we certainly shouldn't throw caution to the wind just yet, but managing Covid could become similar to the seasonal flu. Think of CBD extract as another tool in your immune health toolkit, like Vitamin C, zinc or echinacea. At the first signs of sickness, CBD hemp extract is yet another powerful ally on your family wellness team!

Stay well friends!


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