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Getting into the groove: CBD and Coffee

These seeming opposites can really be a match made in heaven. Do you have a hard time focusing? Love coffee, but not some of its side effects?

Taking CBD with your morning cup could help.

Ok so hear me out, I'm not trying to kill your buzz! I'm a coffee person and personally my morning routine wouldn't feel complete without it. I love my latte! But if you're like me, coffee's jolt can leave you feeling jittery and that energy burst often lacks focus. So lately I've been adding a 1/2 dropper-full of CBD hemp Extract to my morning routine. CBD is better known for its calming effect, however in smaller doses CBD can actually be energizing, whereas in larger doses it has a more sedative effect. CBD's role in our body is to stimulate our endocannabinoid system which serves to regulate and balance our bodies' stress and inflammatory response. For me 12-20mg of 1500 mg Full Spectrum Extract taken under the tongue just before my coffee is best. It also tastes pretty good if you add it straight to your coffee, but start with a few drops to make sure you like the taste first.

Keep calm and stay caffeinated.

CBD can smooth out some of Coffee's unwanted side effects like anxiousness, and an over excited nervous system, helping you focus and sit still. Caffeine can help with pain relief and headaches because it is a Vasoconstrictor and a Vasodilator, adding CBD can optimize the blood flow by decreasing inflammation and pain relief. If your using caffeine pre work-out to optimize your calorie burn, consider adding CBD pre or post work out to help reduce inflammation and aid muscle recovery.

Another perk to adding CBD to your daily perk, stomach comfort. Coffee's acid nature can be harsh on your stomach, it's the top reason most people periodically take a break from coffee. Again the anti-inflammatory action of CBD can help soothe your stomach lining and lessen the harsher effects of coffee on your digestion. CBD hemp, like coffee is also packed with antioxidants which are super healthful and helpful in combatting the damage inflicted on our bodies from toxins and oxidative stress.

There are lots of benefits to adding CBD to your morning coffee routine and your evening unwind, why not try it out!

Community Spotlight This month is Women History Month and Anthill is highlighting some of the rad women-owned businesses we work with in our region!

City Line

City Line is an eclectic market place located in Carbondale, PA. Part general store, part gallery and cafe! It is the sweet new spot to find local goods and great coffee in the valley! Currently City Line is home to 42 local businesses within our Local Goodness Market, including Anthill Farm Agroforestry CBD products and their cafe features local favorite, MOKA Origins coffee! City Line is the labor of love and exciting new adventure for Mom and Pop team, Nicole and Jack Curtis. Nicole of City Line exclaims, 'We are thrilled to be able to showcase the creativity and passion of NEPA! It’s been an amazing journey and we are so excited to see where it leads us next! " City Line carries Anthill Farm Agroforestry's balms, bath bombs and teas. Nicole says, "We love them all!" Stop by and shop local at City Line.

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