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Get moving for Spring!

Ideas to spring board your health and wellness so you can seize the season. Spring Equinox Deal! $25 500mg CBD Extracts with code: wellspring orange and mint flavors only, while supplies last!

The last couple weeks we've been renovating our hemp studio space in the barn, cleaning out spaces and starting seeds for later spring plantings and native plant sales. In the midst of it we've had colds, snow storm, injuries other interruptions to our flow. It's challenging to make progress and change in our lives and stay consistent in the face of obstacles and even our own attitudes can get in the way. CBD and other herbs, as well as regular exercise can help us re-coop from sickness, injuries, and mental blocks that can slow us down on our way to our vision.

Feel like you're beginning to get a cold, try taking CBD hemp extract or a CBD Tea blend like Golden Milk Hemp Chai twice a day. Hemp has anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties and is an anti-inflammatory which can help reduce symptoms and discomfort from sinus pressure, headaches and sore throat. Getting you back up and running sooner.

If you're recovering from an injury major or just minor strains. Even soreness from starting a new workout routine or class! CBD is great for recovery and easing muscle pain. Try one our powerful CBD oils or salves like Worker balm with Arnica or Warming Balm with cayenne and ginger, to get strains and pains healing and feeling better in no time.

Sometimes we're our own worst enemies, defeating ourselves or self-sabotaging before we've even gotten a project started or stalling out before its finished. Mood health and self esteem are big factors in how we feel over all and can keep us from reaching our goals. Eating a healthy diet rich in Omega 3s and fresh fruit and veggies along with regular exercise can help a lot to improve our mood. Talking to a therapist or even seeking out more meaningful social time can help too. Taking CBD orally can also help boost our mood, studies have shown that CBD can ease symptoms of anxiety and depression and help us sleep better too which can aid in better overall mental state. Be kind to yourself and believe in your dreams and vision, they matter!!!

Don't forget to pick up some Extracts while they are on sale! We're looking forward to bringing in new products this spring, but we want to clear out older inventory first!! This will be the only $25 extract sale this year so don't miss out!!! Sale now through April 8th. CODE Wellspring at checkout for the deal!

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