This awesome Gift Box contains some of our favorite treats from local artisans based in Honesdale PA and of course our delicious Asian Pears. 

Featuring, Chocolate bars from MOKA origins an amazing small batch chocolate and coffee maker right around the corner from us. They source direct and fair trade from farms in Africa and Central America! The dark chocolate is amazingly smooth and flavorful, with bright citrus and cherry notes...the best! You can choose from  toffee- almond or a single origin dark chocolate from an agroforestry farm in Ghana. 


Kaizen Snacks mixes are always my go to at the local farmer's market when I need a snack that's packed with protein and flavor. They are truly nature's junk food and good for you too! 

The everything bagel cashews, are literally better than the bagel and pack a salty sweet crunch. 

The Paleo Booster is a healthy and tasty mix of sweet and savory flavors, with dried tart cherries,  chewy bananas and apples, pistachios andcashews with a hint of cinnamon.  Good clean energy!


You can also add a CBD Hemp item to the box as well, just shop and add it a la carte and let me know in a comment or note to add it to the gift box!


Deluxe: Asian Pears and Treats Gift Box

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$38.00Sale Price